UPLAY PLUS : A subscription based service by Ubisoft

UPLAY PLUS : A subscription based service by Ubisoft

Uplay plus

UPLAY+: Unlock full access to more than 100 games, plus early access to all the new releases, DLC's, Bonus contents, and much more

Ubisoft confirmed during its E3 2019 press event that a new program offering subscription-based access to its games and other content is coming to its online store in September. The service will be called Uplay Plus, & the program will go for $15 per month, bringing you "earliest available access" to Ubisoft's new releases, plus unlimited access to more than 100 games in Ubisoft's library, DLC, premium edition content, and early access releases and beta tests.

Going live on September 3, everyone who signs up by August 15 will be eligible for a free trial of the service. however, you'll need to provide a credit card in order to take part in the trial, and you'll be charged the standard subscription rate beginning on October 1 unless you cancel prior to that.

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