Apex Legends revenue falls down by 74% in two months

Apex Legends revenue falls down by 74% in two months

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EA needs to Respawn, maybe!

Apex Legends has dropped out of the top 10 highest grossing games on PC for the first time since its launch, according to Nielsen-owned market research firm SuperData. The firm estimates Apex Legends earned $24m in April, down nearly three quarters from its February launch month earnings of $92m. Mighty fall of grace, particularly considering SuperData believes Apex Legends had the strongest start for a free-to-play title of all time.

Its April PC revenue was lower than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and The Division 2, according to the report. League of Legends was the top grossing game. A major tell was its drop-off in Twitch viewing figures which easily reflects the decline in player interests. The game has averaged only around 20,000 viewers in May, compared to more than 200,000 in February, according to Twitch Tracker.

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Along with this, the first battle pass for Apex Legends generally underwhelmed players. The majority of the community have complained about a lack of fresh content. EA's digital net bookings for the last quarter were largely driven by Apex Legends, so significantly this drop-off in earnings will be of major concern.

However, something that could significantly help Apex Legends in the future is its recently-announced mobile port, which should provide the game with a fresh market. Cleary after noticing PUBG & Fortnite's success, EA could expect the rise in numbers as mobile is an extremely profitable platform.

Respawn will be hoping to pull back some of those players that have lost interest with the launch of season two, which is being unveiled at E3 in a little over two weeks.

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