New Batman Arkham Game? Job Postings at Rocksteady Studios hints yet another big game reveal coming soon

New Batman Arkham Game? Job Postings at Rocksteady Studios hints yet another big game reveal coming soon

Batman Arkham Crisis 2019

We've already seen many rumors and teasers about a new Batman game but none of them clearly shows any solidarity. Previously, we got rumors stating the new game will be called "Batman: Arkham Crisis" and it's on the way for release later this year. Now it looks like the team might actually be preparing for an official reveal of a big game soon.

Rocksteady's own website is the source this time. According to GamesRadar, the fans have discovered new job listings on studios own website that clearly shows the team is planning for a big reveal, as all of them relate to positions related to marketing and promotional work. We know that job listing is a pretty easy way to be deceived, mostly due to the fact that they rarely give the whole picture for restraint purposes. However, new job listings show that the team is focusing heavily on marketing and promotion. This leaves us wondering if this means a massive game announcement is on the way ahead of E3.

New Batman Arkham game tease

The website shows three potential job openings. First is for a Lead Brand Artist, the second is for a Senior User Researcher, and the last one lists for A Promo Artist (Video). The listing clearly states "The role will primarily involve the creation of very high-quality trailers and promotional video assets using a combination of captured gameplay footage, composited 3D and special effects and other film production components and techniques. Your promotional videos will form a central component of the global marketing campaign for a very high profile, triple-A game franchise, so an understanding of branding is essential as is an interest in all forms of creative communication. A love of video games is also a plus!"

The statement provided above clarifies that the studio is recruiting & hiring potential bodies to train before they start working on fresh promotional materials. So maybe we're still a little ways off from the official reveal of Rocksteady's new game. No one knows.

We've already seen a lot of Batman-centric teasers. This does make it more likely that a full reveal is not so far, could be with a full trailer in June at E3.

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