Fortnite Season 8 Details - Release date, Map, Theme, Battle pass, & more

Fortnite Season 8 Details - Release date, Map, Theme, Battle pass, & more

Fortnite Season 8

We're just in time to peak into the next season of Fortnite as season 7 is ending soon after getting a good amount of positive response from the community. And Yes! you can get tons of new rewards with the forthcoming season.

The players might have already seen a countdown in their in-game battle pass menu to the end of the current season which is scheduled to end on February 28 at about 2 a.m. Eastern.

Already announced by Epic Games, season 8 of Fortnite: battle royale hits the ground on Thursday 28th February across all the platforms. Just like every previous season, the developers at Epic has started teasing about the new season and what we're likely to see in season 8. The hints so far have come in the form of some sort of a poem that suggests the new season might run a pirate theme. Take a look -
In the winters when season 7 was released, we witnessed the quarter part of the map turning into an ice aged relic, season 6 spooked us with a Halloween based theme, and noticing Epics' love for following the seasonal tradition, players can expect to land in a spring based theme for season 8.

So far the teasers hint at some potential new characters, and features. I mean, look at those fiery red colored snakes and a pirate's hook featured as the background. Meanwhile, players have also observed tremors of earthquakes shake the map in recent weeks. There are already been a few cracks that have appeared. Perhaps, we could see the creation of new islands as the quarterly frozen land melts down. As of now we don’t know anything and wait to see if it actually happens.
Talking about the Battle pass, for the upcoming season, players might have a chance to get their hands on the pass without spending a single V-Buck. Yes! you heard that right. Epic is giving the Season 8 Battle Pass completely free to the players if they finish the Overtime challenges before the end of season 7.

We got a number of things featured with season 7's battle pass including -
  • A winter map update that featured some new named locations
  • New skins and pets
  • Ziplines
  • X-4 Stormwing plane
  • Vehicles and weapons customizations
  • A new Creative Mode
  • Sandbox changes
So players could expect the same number of reward for season 8. Most of them are featured as free but with the battle pass players can unlock the second tier of exclusive items. The Battle Pass costs a handful of 950 V-Bucks to unlock (nearly $10), players can also earn those V-Bucks by digging up the in-game challenges and activities which grants them V-Bucks as a reward when completed successfully. Players can unlock a huge variety of cosmetics that can be used to customize their character if they have the battle pass. Also, it grants access to an exclusive set of weekly challenges, which are crucial to leveling up the pass in order to get those cosmetics quicker.

Based on previous records, players can expect Season 8 to kick off at -
  • US: 4 am (EST)
  • Europe: 10 am (CEST)
  • SEAS: 5 pm (PST)
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