Days Gone - Story, Gameplay, & All The Details We Know

Days Gone - Story, Gameplay, & All The Details We Know

Days Gone

Here's a complete roundup on what we know so far for the upcoming PlayStation exclusive - Days Gone

  • Initial release date - 26 April 2019
  • Developer - SIE Bend Studio
  • Engine - Unreal Engine
  • Platform - PlayStation 4

Days Gone is one of the biggest and most anticipated PS4 exclusives title set to release in 2019. The game is developed by Sony Bend and features a post-apocalyptic open world experience where you'll be playing as a subversive biker riding in a society where humans are equally as deadly as the undead sneaking the lands.

Days Gone is an open world action-adventure survival horror title by Sony Bend. The gameplay looks familiar in the story to The Last of Us, The Evil Within 2, or Sons of Anarchy.

Playing Days Gone is genuinely scary. The game throws zombies at the player literally by the hundreds, turning horde disposal into a tense, on-the-fly battle puzzles.

Days Gone Character

The Story & Gameplay

You play Deacon St. John, a hoary biker living in the silent roads of a zombie-ravaged post-apocalyptic world. Deacon St. John is a man who prefers to live in the dangerous outside world than the confines of civilian encampments, even if it means dealing with a large group of relentless zombies. The Story takes place two years after a global pandemic deluged civilization, turning millions into fast, relentless and arguably unstoppable deadly mindless zombies known as 'Freakers'.

Days Gone

Days Gone is set in a vast open-world. It's a game where the player is free to roam locations and objectives in different ways. You can approach enemies depending on your current circumstances, either by playing stealthy or using aggression. Your movement will be influenced highly by health, abilities, and resources. The game is more challenging & complicated as enemies here are highly alerted, they sometimes fight with each other over food scraps or shift their patrols in unexpected ways.

The player will have enough resources to survive and tackle the in-game scenarios without much of a hassle. Carrying two weapons alongside a variety of equipments including Molotov Cocktails, healing items, and axes, it won't require that much of digging to survive. The equipments will also grant method of unique creativity if you’re eager to experiment with different approaches of murder.

The Map - Pacific Northwest Wastelands

The game comes with a huge land area of The Pacific Northwest to indulge into, and thus areas will be filled with different variations of zombies. So, you’ll need to be aware of the group of prowling man-eaters. If you're smart enough you can use what comes with those lands to kill your enemies, plus it will be more fun to draw their attention before unleashing hell upon the masses.

Days Gone Bike

The primary source of transportation throughout the game is Deacon's motorcycle - The Drifter Bike. What attracts here is that Deacon needs to take care of his bike in order to continue his journey. The motorcycle is a character in itself and as you progress, it will need to be cared for and repaired. Failing to upgrade means you’ll become a vulnerable meal left in the dust to all the sneaking infected Freakers.

The game features a dynamic weather system which spans all parts of the day which makes it more interesting on how you choose to deal with in order to survive. You'll face cloudy day time, the rain makes it more difficult with your bike rides, & the night - the night will haunt you more and more. Also, the narrative incorporates player choices which will influence the outcome of quests and scenarios, hence deciding your story in this game.

The narrative of Days Gone is still unclear. Involving an open world exploration, maybe in search of a cure, the survivors, or something else, we just don't know yet.

Pre-order Bonuses, Deluxe & Collector's edition

The pre-order bonus will include the Drifter Crossbow and a trio of upgrades for your motorcycle. A $70 Deluxe Edition will be available and include a steelbook case, a Dark Horse Comics art book, and a physical soundtrack. A $140 Collector’s Edition will include a cool statue, six pins, four decals, patches, three bike skins, a PS4 dynamic theme, and an early skill unlock.

Days Gone pre Order bonus

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