Batman: Arkham Crisis could be the next Batman game

Batman: Arkham Crisis could be the next Batman game

Batman Arkham Crisis

Rocksteady is planning to return to the DC Universe after 2015 for its next Batman Arkham game.

Sources come from a Youtube channel and a QA tester for WB Montreal has spoken about some of the details regarding the next game while having a discussion on a Discord server. Some details revealed that Rocksteady is working on the game for the past two years and an official announcement is scheduled for March. Now, according to some rumors, the mysterious Court of Owls will take on Gotham City this time and the game will be called Batman Arkham Crisis. Batman Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal has been teasing this exact game already, and we've covered that before.

Here are some of the main details as given by the tester on Discord - The game will be released in October or November this year, first look will be revealed in March, the was codenamed - Knightfall: Redacted, and the actual title is Arkham Crisis, will feature an open world map of size nearly double than GTA V, 12-act story structure with each chapter roughly an hour long, Dick Grayson leaves for Bludhaven in the 3rd act, but is replaced with Jason Todd in Chapter 6, a day-night cycle, Batwing will be playable vehicle for transportation, a co-op multiplayer gameplay, Stealth will be difficult to master, Side missions will feature Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Black Mask, and Riddler, 31 complex challenges.

Speculations suggest that one of the side stories will involve Harley Quinn & Joker, breaking the Joker out of Arkham.

The above details indicate that we could get a potential Batman game this year. Valerie Vezina of WB Montreal already teased about a new game by wearing what could be a Court of Owls shirt which suggest that WB Montreal is developing the game and not Rocksteady. Yet the platforms for the new game are unspecified.

Previous rumors about a new game by Rocksteady studios showed that they are working on a Superman game but after these speculations, it will be hard for the Superman fans to expect a game for the next few years.

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