Operation Wind Bastion is now live: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Wind Bastion is now live: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Wind Bastion went live on 4th of December including the new map Fortress following two new operators: Kaid & Nomad

Wind Bastion

The game is now in its 12th season, which is the last for year 3. Players can now enjoy the new map Fortress including the two newest recruits for team rainbow-Kaid and Nomad.

The Fortress

The Fortress

Fortress, located in Morocco, is designed after taking a complete knowledge about kasbah which includes some iconic piece of architecture from Morocco's southern region which players will experience while playing the game. Also, the map Fortress is the home to our operator Kaid.

For the first time, the players can access the rooftop using the stairs and some drop down points via the towers. The map is a mix of both furnished and unfurnished areas. The players will experience a vast variety of destructible walls and floors.

The Operators

Operation Wind bastion brings two of the newest members in team rainbow, Kaid & Nomad,  to tighten the controls of the Moroccan fields and kasbahs.

Kaid (Defender)

Kaid r6

Meet Jalal "Kaid" El Fassi, newest defender joining team rainbow. The commander of the kasbah, Kaid is also termed as a "traditionalist".

His loadouts include-

Weapons- AUG A3, TCSG12 (Primary)

                  .44 Mag Semi-Auto (Secondary)
Gadgets- Barbed wires, Impact grenades
Speed- 1 (Slow)
Armor- 3 (Heavy)

Unique Ability-
"Rtila" Electroclaw, is a throwable electrifying gadget which looks similar to Ela's gadget which can electrify every metal surface like Bandit's batteries. Players can now simply electrify metal hatches from underneath by simply throwing an electroclaw onto the hatch.

Nomad (Attacker)

Nomad r6

Sanaa " Nomad" El Maktoub have served with the Mountain Infantry Battalion before she joined GIGR. During her expenditure, she traveled so many places with her team that she became the unit's expert in environmental operations. Nomad has traveled to more countries than any of the team members in Team Rainbow.

Her loadout includes-

Weapons- AK-74M, ARX200 (Primary)

                  .44 Mag Semi-Auto (Secondary)
Gadgets- Breach charges, Stun grenades
Speed- 2 (Medium)
Armor- 2 (Medium)

Unique Ability-
Nomad comes equipped with an Airjab Launcher, attached to both of her rifles. The Airjab repulsion grenades are triggered when comes close to an enemy, and also can stick to a surface. The Airjab grenades are non-lethal but can disorient the enemy when triggered.

With Operation Wind Bastion, comes some new cosmetics which players can buy using renown and R6 credits. Players can access the map from the main menu to increase there map knowledge and to get some taste of the new map Fortress, and also, the map is included in the ranked rotation. Operation Wind Bastion is accessible in all the versions of the game.full-width

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