Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season Pass: Available Worldwide

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season Pass: Available Worldwide

Rainbow six siege year 4 pass

The game is currently in its 12th season, Operation Wind Bastion, which is the final season for year 3. That means the year 3 season pass will only be active for this last season.

Ubisoft on Tuesday 11th December released the Year 4 Season Pass. All the players who want to continue to enjoy a full year of VIP access to the game and some of its exclusive contents have to buy the year 4 season pass which includes all the new and exclusive customizations like the previous passes.

rainbow six siege year 4 pass contents
Year 4 Season Pass contents
The Year 4 Season Pass will include the access to the eight new operators, eight exclusive headgear and uniforms, a Lava Six Charm, 600 R6 Credits. The VIP Membership includes seven-day early access to the new Operators, 10% discount in the in-game shop, 5% Renown boost, also, a +0.3% Alpha Pack Boost. the membership will end on January 31, 2020. Apart from all the above items, those who purchase the Season 4 Pass before March 4, 2019, will get an exclusive Volcano Signature Skin only available to the Season Pass owners.

The lava charm and volcano skin
A Closer look to the charm and skin
The year 4 will start right after the Six Invitational 2019 in Montréal, the year 4 roadmap is yet to be revealed.full-width

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is available for PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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