Nintendo Switch breaks the record of PS4 Basic & PS4 Slim combined sales in Japan

Nintendo Switch breaks the record of PS4 Basic & PS4 Slim combined sales in Japan

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch becomes the new favorite, breaks the record, passes PS4 sales in Japan

Whether you believe it or not but people in Japan are loving the Nintendo Switch much more than Sony's PS4/PS4 slim lately. The gaming console by Nintendo was first introduced in October 2016 and was released on March 3, 2017. Nintendo Switch is considered as the successor of Wii U.

Media Create, a Japan-based data analysis company provided the data based on the sales for both the consoles and it looked surprisingly amazing for the Switch. The data showed a massive increase in the sales of the Switch which looked quite higher than the PS4 sales in Japan. Also, the Switch had also broken the lifetime sales record of the PS Vita. That's huge!

Sony's PS4 has been around us since 2014 while the Nintendo Switch is nearly 2 years old right now.

ps4 basic and slim

The sales number provided by Media Create are-
  • PS4 + PS4 Slim - 6,540,000 units
  • Nintendo Switch - 6,670,000 units
Nintendo Switch is 130,000 units ahead of PS4 and PS4 slim sales.

Just keep in mind, this is only in Japan. The PlayStation 4 still has an astounding potential customer with regards to overall numbers, getting out 86 million units sold; while the Nintendo Switch still presently can't seem to achieve the 20 million unit stamp, however, it's near that. Media Create also clarified that sales do exclude the PlayStation 4 Pro, which has just been available for only a short time.

The Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be one of the reasons behind this, who knows, but this does show that people out there in Japan are loving both The Nintendo Switch & the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Resident Evil 2 Remake will be releasing on PS4 in January 2019 and so the Super Mario Bros. U Delux for Nintendo Switch. Both of the games are strongly awaited by a huge amount of both PS4 and Switch players out there. The release of both of these games will definitely increase the sales of both the consoles and we will see if the Switch maintains its position or the PS4 will regain the top spot.full-width

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