Steelseries providing some of the best accessories

Steelseries providing some of the best accessories


If you don’t grasp SteelSeries, you’re either not a gamer otherwise you haven’t been paying terribly close attention. the corporate is consistently behind a number of our top-rated gaming accessories.


The company embarked on in Danmark with gambling mouse pads, with a glass pad known as the Icemat as its 1st product approach back in 2001. That was later followed up by a steel mouse pad that will ultimately cause the businesses name. to the current day, SteelSeries still makes an excellent mouse pad.

Eventually, it swelled into a lot of accessories. it's a keyboard hierarchic in our list of best gambling keyboards. It’s Rival 600 and Sensei 310 rank 1st and second, severally, in our list of best gambling mice. And, it’s Arctic professional and the Arctic professional Wireless every holds a spot in our picks for best gambling headsets.

For PC gaming Week, we tend to had an opportunity to move over to the USA workplace of SteelSeries and chat with a number of the company’s key figures. There, we tend to meet with Jeff Mahlmeister, the Director of Product and Head of Product Management, moreover as Ehtisham Rabbani, the company’s CEO. However, we tend to get a special surprise once one in every of the initial members of SteelSeries from back in its Icemat days additionally joined us: Tino Soelberg, the CTO.full-width

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